Version 1.16 Release Log

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Date Update Description
22 Mar 2007 Fixed dynamic statistics displaying both directions instead of just the direction for the rule it applied to.
21 Mar 2007 Fixed service and client running two processes each, they are now integrated into a single service process and a single client executable process. Was causing an error of "A service process other than the one launched by the Service Control Manager connected ..." when starting the service.
20 Mar 2007 Increased global queue size from 500 to 4096 packets. There are two global queues per adapter, one for send and one for receive. So each adapter now has a total queue size of 8192 packets.
20 Mar 2007 Fixed invalid "maximum user's reached" warning when starting service.
18 Mar 2007 Increased maximum number of rules from 25 to 200 for standard edition.
18 Mar 2007 Fixed error when creating a rule from a connection in the traffic window (was unable to fill endpoint addresses).
18 Mar 2007 Fixed error when changing a rule endpoint from an address or address group to 'any'.