Version 1.14 Release Log

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Date Update Description
10 Mar 2007 Fixed an issue when updating line speed on a peer, the new speeds would not be updated correctly for other peers in the mesh.
10 Mar 2007 Fixed server fault where the service would load too quickly after bootup, possibly before the IP stack was fully initialized. Proper service dependencies have been added.
10 Mar 2007 Fixed error 303136 during installation, caused by having a dial-up connection active during the install.
9 Mar 2007 Fixed fault where peer broadcast was not occuring under some circumstances. This meant that peers would not always connect to form a proper mesh.
9 Mar 2007 Fixed distributed mode fault where IP address was being displayed in the list of connected peers.
9 Mar 2007 Fixed 'recvfrom() failed' fault in Standard edition distributed mode.
9 Mar 2007 Fixed listen adapter being set incorrectly on DHCP clients. The server was reverting to localhost and the client was attempting to connect to the old DHCP address which became invalid if a new lease was obtained.
7 Mar 2007 Set new maximum internet speeds. Personal edition: 3,689 kb/s, Standard edition: 24.5 Mb/s, Enterprise edition: 2,547 Mb/s. They are the maximum rates for both upload or download directions.
7 Mar 2007 Fixed uninstaller to completely remove all files, rather than leaving uninstall.exe and the program files folders behind.
7 Mar 2007 Added 'Keep rules and event log' to uninstaller to allow full removal of storage files.
7 Mar 2007 Added 'force uninstall' feature which allows the server to be removed even if the install path is not found in the registry.
7 Mar 2007 Created new 'Queue' tab in rule properties. Moved queue limit and queue type from advanced processing tab into the new one.
7 Mar 2007 Fixed warning for unknown adapter types 'ndiswanbh', 'ndiswannbf' and some others. The server was binding to those adapters but they are artificial network adapters like Microsoft Network Monitor which are not meant to be throttled.
7 Mar 2007 Fixed user interface fault that caused flashing when changing tabs, just below the tab control.
6 Mar 2007 Added uninstall link to start menu for server only install. Also fixed an issue with the uninstall link not being removed during uninstall for server-only deployment.
6 Mar 2007 Fixed user limit being filled too soon because it was identifying broadcast packets as users.
6 Mar 2007 Fixed issue with statistics import if 'remove existing objects' was selected. The existing objects were not removed and the imported statistics were not replacing existing ones.
6 Mar 2007 Released free version of the product (Personal Edition).
4 Mar 2007 Changed import and export process for statistics and scheduling to enforce rules to also be imported / exported if they are selected.
3 Mar 2007 Fixed invalid XSLT file being used for statistics storage.
3 Mar 2007 Fixed pre-defined values in the 'rate effect' field in the scheduling window. They were being added twice.
3 Mar 2007 Added Deep Packet Inspection to Enterprise edition. Added 'content' field to connections window which shows the Layer 7 properties of the traffic (FTP, HTTP, IMAP etc.).
1 Mar 2007 Statistics are now reset for a rule if direction, dynamic queue type or network adapter fields are changed.
1 Mar 2007 Fixed server shutdown fault if there was an error writing to XML storage.
1 Mar 2007 Added statistics recording for traffic that is not covered by any rules.
28 Feb 2007 Added dynamic triggers to Enterprise edition which allow limiting users to a lower rate after a specified number of megabytes are transferred.
25 Feb 2007 Added IPSec protocol support to Enterprise edition.