Version 1.13 Release Log

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Date Update Description
24 Feb 2007 Fixed connect address in client where it was reverting to 'localhost' for first run if the product was installed under a different account (for example, installing it using 'Run As...' command with Administrator).
23 Feb 2007 Added check for Microsoft XML v3.0 to installer and server.
23 Feb 2007 Fixed IP address being truncated to 14 characters rather than 15 in Options, Internet, Full Speed LAN.
23 Feb 2007 Addresses are now stored in a separate internal database on the server rather than being stored inline with their associated rules and address groups. They can be accessed through the View, Addresses menu in the client and are stored in 'addresses.xml' on the server. Old rules and address groups can still be loaded, the addresses are automatically stripped and put into the new normalized address list.
22 Feb 2007 Fixed events that originated from the client which were not displaying properly in the Events tab.
22 Feb 2007 Increased address groups to 25 for Standard Edition and 200 for Enterprise Edition.
20 Feb 2007 Increased maximum number of network adapters to 16 for Standard Edition and 256 for Enterprise Edition.
20 Feb 2007 Fixed address group import when using the 'Delete existing objects before import' option.
19 Feb 2007 Removed faulty error from log file regarding the peer mutex.
18 Feb 2007 Added keyboard shortcuts: Insert, Delete, Spacebar (edit) for address and address group windows.
18 Feb 2007 Added check for addresses and address groups when deleting them to ensure they are not in use by any rules or address groups.