Version 1.09 Release Log

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Date Update Description
30 Jan 2007 Fixed upgrade issue with server address. Was using 'localhost' rather than the ethernet adapter IP address.
30 Jan 2007 Updated help files for v1.08+ changes.
21 Dec 2006 Added distributed allocation. It's now possible to use the product on server-less (router-only) networks. The server is installed on each computer which automatically joins the distributed network when the client is turned on. Line speed settings are automatically updated when any of the servers are changed by the user. The current beta supports up to 5 peering computers per network.
19 Dec 2006 Fixed line speed calculation (was too low, down to 80% in some cases).
19 Dec 2006 Fixed slow server log update.
12 Dec 2006 Changed default adapter for listening on server for client connections. The first private address range adapter is now used rather than local host. Ports 24824 TCP, 24825 TCP and 24826 UDP must be allowed through the server's firewall.
9 Dec 2006 Added current usage and allocation to status bar.
8 Dec 2006 Removed 1 second burst for new connections. Was 130% of maximum rule speed, now it is around 108% for 0.1 seconds.
5 Dec 2006 Fixed rule removal so that any orphaned scheduling items are also removed.
5 Dec 2006 Fixed fault with domain names in address groups loading as ip address '' .
4 Dec 2006 Added automatic saving of rules to file when new rules are created or modified, not just during server shutdown.
3 Dec 2006 Added auto conversion from non-XML rule format to new format.
3 Dec 2006 Added licensing enforcement for user limit.
3 Dec 2006 Added de-grouping option for rules, which allows a single rule to act separately on a list of users. This prevents the need to create a separate rule for each user when they all share the same properties (ie. batch rule creation).
1 Dec 2006 Changed maximum line speed to 200,000,000 kbps (200 gigabit per second).
29 Nov 2006 Changed default network adapter for new rules to be the internet facing adaper.
29 Nov 2006 Fixed rule copy and paste where statistics were not being cleared during paste.
28 Nov 2006 Added progress bar for removing large numbers of rules.
28 Nov 2006 Changed default protocol for new rules from IP to TCP.
26 Nov 2006 Added XML storage for rules and address groups.
18 Nov 2006 Added new options to import and export windows.
17 Nov 2006 Changed rule storage so that properties for rules and address groups are not written to file if they contain default values.