Version 1.08 Release Log

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Date Update Description
14 Nov 2006 Fixed user interface rendering fault during split screen resizing.
26 Oct 2006 Fixed rule triggers not working when set for daily
13 Oct 2006 Fixed listen adapter not loading properly when service starts.
12 Oct 2006 Fixed upgrade from versions prior to v1.08 (down to v1.00). Rules and address groups are automatically imported when the server is first run.
12 Oct 2006 Fixed import of rules with invalid address group ids in local or remote endpoints.
12 Oct 2006 Fixed fault with unclassified traffic (packets which were not processed by any rule). It was being limited at both lan and internet facing adapters, rather than just the internet one. This resulted in only half the expected bandwidth being used for some connections.
10 Oct 2006 Fixed context help (question mark help) in rule properties failing.
10 Oct 2006 Fixed menu's not being automatically updated during operation.
9 Oct 2006 Fixed network adapters not showing in list if one of them was invalid.
8 Oct 2006 Added option to specify which adapter the server listens on for connections from the Manager.
7 Oct 2006 Added 'Clear Statistics' button in rule properties window, statistics tab.
6 Oct 2006 Fixed crash with multi processor systems.
6 Oct 2006 Fixed rule order not working at all.
4 Oct 2006 Changed installer to give full LAN traffic by default.
4 Oct 2006 Changed uninstaller to remove all settings by default.
3 Oct 2006 Fixed quotes not being escaped in rule names when saving to disk.
3 Oct 2006 Fixed installer not handling paths which were two folders deep.
3 Oct 2006 Removed flashing of lists when resizing window.
2 Oct 2006 Fixed resizing issues with overview tab. Split screen resizer was not functioning correctly.
2 Oct 2006 Fixed bug with keyboard and mouse being used for menu control.
2 Oct 2006 Change rule deletion so that it doesn't refresh the entire rule list from server after a delete.
2 Oct 2006 Fixed trial period expiration problem with Standard edition.
1 Oct 2006 Fixed background color of overview window for XP theme.
28 Sep 2006 Fixed crash when running on a on multi processor server.
23 Sep 2006 Allowed for desktops with no system tray.
15 Sep 2006 Fixed crash in client during refresh of rules or traffic window.
24 Aug 2006 Fixed options window error message.
6 Aug 2006 Decreased client / server bandwidth usage for adapter name fetches.
22 Jul 2006 Fixed ok button for rule endpoints.
18 Jul 2006 Refresh for overview window now tracks the window that is under the mouse.
9 Jun 2006 Fixed bug with acknowledgement packet prioritization. Packets were potentially being sent and received out of order.
8 Jun 2006 Fixed bug with trial period ending straight away.
8 Jun 2006 Fixed blue screen error for address groups.
6 Jun 2006 Fixed memory leak causing windows error 10055.
6 Jun 2006 Fixed enable / disable for rules.
4 Jun 2006 Removed support for import of pre-v1.00 rules.
1 Jun 2006 Added ability to create a rule from a connection.
28 May 2006 Fixed problem when importing rules from another computer, as the adapters would not match.
25 May 2006 Fixed problem with traffic that was not covered by any rule. In the past it would be let through at unlimited rate. Now it is given a priority of 5 (Normal) and is processed normally, obeying line speeds, weightings (allocate by percentage) and guaranteed rates.
16 May 2006 Optimized user interface rendering speed.
7 May 2006 Added refresh for traffic list.
7 May 2006 Fixed problem when using two or more adapters within the list of rules. Line bandwidth was being calculated incorrectly resulting in priority and other rule types failing to work as expected.
28 Apr 2006 Added ICMP support for rules.
24 Apr 2006 Optimized handling of large numbers of filters (100 and above).
21 Apr 2006 Fixed blue screen error for computers with more than 10 network adapters.
4 Apr 2006 Changed rank system into one that is more similar to rule priority levels. For most rules it can be left at the default value, and can be increased for rules that must be processed / looked at before any others.
28 Mar 2006 Added configurable queue sizes, per rule.
15 Mar 2006 Added sorting for rule and traffic lists.
15 Mar 2006 Optimized cut and paste for large numbers of rules.
14 Mar 2006 Changed settings window into a tabbed window.
11 Mar 2006 Added domain name support for rules (connections are also displayed as domain names when possible).
27 Feb 2006 Fixed blue screen under some error conditions during network adapter initialization.
27 Feb 2006 Fixed resource usage where rules were being duplicated for each adapter in the system.
27 Feb 2006 Added menu option to disable logging of unimportant server events.
28 Jan 2006 Added automatic detection of LAN range.
23 Jan 2006 Fixed some non-IP packets being treated as IP.
14 Jan 2006 Removed Network Configuration Wizard.
13 Jan 2006 Changed rule properties window, reducing the number of tabs.
13 Jan 2006 Added support for bridged adapters.
6 Jan 2006 Added server log.
6 Jan 2006 Added password protection for server.
6 Jan 2006 Added automatic detection of Internet-facing and LAN-facing adapers.
4 Jan 2006 Added remote administration interface. You now connect to a server (an NT Service) and administer the product remotely. Users without the need for this feature simply log into localhost.
19 Dec 2005 Added '/automatic' and '/update' command lines to installer.
18 Dec 2005 Added service functionality.
24 Nov 2005 Added WAN adapter support (Dial-up, Cable modem, DSL, ISDN).
10 Nov 2005 Fixed direction reversal in traffic window.