Version 1.00 Release Log

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Date Update Description
5 Sep 2005 Release of Bandwidth Controller Enterprise v1.00.
5 Sep 2005 Release of Bandwidth Controller Standard v1.00.
2 Sep 2005 Help files and online help synchronized and updated to reflect the new version.
28 Aug 2005 Removed unnecessary kernel-mode memory allocation for each packet filtered. Performance for high volume network usage was increased by the change.
25 Aug 2005 Status bar in manager window now always displays total number of filters.
22 Aug 2005 Modified kernel component for the ability to hold up to 2000 filters (Enterprise version only).
6 Aug 2005 When cancelling the add filter wizard or filter properties window, you are only asked for confirmation if there have been changes made.
5 Aug 2005 Added apply button to filter properties window.
2 Aug 2005 Converted the properties window into a 'tabbed' window.
26 Jul 2005 Added import and export of filters.
12 Jul 2005 Uninstaller was deleting files after reboot if they could not be deleted during uninstallation. This caused the product's files to be deleted if the program was uninstalled then reinstalled without a reboot in between.
8 Jul 2005 Name column in the manager was not being sized correctly with auto-size enabled in settings.
5 Jul 2005 Changed to ensure temporary files created during installation are deleted upon completion.
5 Jul 2005 Added release notes to installer.
28 Jun 2005 Fixed problem with installer not giving correct Program Files folder for some systems.
17 Jun 2005 Fixed an issue with dragging filters out of the window area.
3 Jun 2005 Fixed problem with incorrectly formed error message after entering an invalid weighting value.
2 Jun 2005 Version 0.31 beta filters are imported from old spot in kernel registry for 1.00 (they are now stored in file).
28 May 2005 Multi-select and deselect of filters is now quicker.
27 May 2005 Fixed problem where left clicking a filter would sometimes result in going into rename mode.
26 May 2005 Adding, editing and deletion of filters is now quicker.
24 May 2005 Added 'Move to top', 'Move to bottom' for filters.
21 May 2005 Fixed fiter drag and drop bug.
8 May 2005 Program no longer runs as a service. Requires Manager be running otherwise no traffic shaping can occur (The kernel component stays in memory but no longer handles any traffic).
2 Apr 2005 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry access now needed.
29 Mar 2005 Toolbar information no longer stored in registry.
29 Mar 2005 Filter statistics are now only fetched for open statistics windows, rather than all filters.
18 Mar 2005 Added 'Rank' column for filters which shows the order in which the program scans filters.
15 Mar 2005 Removed large icon filter view.
14 Mar 2005 Store filters on user mode disk rather than in kernel mode registry.
27 Feb 2005 Fixed problem with slow response with more than 30 filters.
8 Jan 2005 Removed 0.18 filter warning from program startup.
6 Jan 2005 Fixed update URL in menu.