Version 0.xx beta Release Log

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Date Update Description
15 Dec 2004 Fixed blue screen error during installation.
10 Dec 2004 Filter limit raised from 100 to 200.
10 Dec 2004 High priority filters that were running at their maximum rate were blocking all lower priority filters.
9 Dec 2004 Filters were not being saved after the machine was shut down or restarted.
9 Dec 2004 All sub-windows now center to the main window (rule properties, settings window etc.).
9 Dec 2004 Guaranteed rates were not being saved by the Add Filter Wizard.
9 Dec 2004 Fixed operating system locking up often on SMP (multi-processor) machines.
8 Dec 2004 Non-IP based protocols were not being filtered correctly.
7 Dec 2004 Identified and fixed a potential crash during kernel component installation.
1 Dec 2004 Added mouseover help for priority and weighting fields in filter properties window.
30 Nov 2004 Filters were sometimes not arranging properly in large icon view.
30 Nov 2004 Fixed filter selection being changed when adding/removing filters.
30 Nov 2004 Fixed double click not working properly with menu.
29 Nov 2004 Fixed access violation error when exiting the manager.
28 Nov 2004 Fixed bug where cpu load would often go to 100% when traffic is queued.
21 Nov 2004 Added support for multiple simultaneous statistics windows.
18 Nov 2004 Fixed bug where UTC time was displaying instead of local time for statistics.
10 Nov 2004 Fixed bug where having around 30 or more filters would cause changes to take a long time (5 to 10 seconds).
29 Oct 2004 Proportional bandwidth allocation implemented.
7 Oct 2004 Filter priority levels implemented.
24 Sep 2004 Filter limit lowered from 1000 to 100.
28 Sep 2004 Guaranteed rates implemented.
8 Sep 2004 Add Filter Wizard implemented.
25 Aug 2004 Added filter renaming.
24 Aug 2005 Redesigned overlapping filters. Now filter precedence is determined by the filter's position in the window.
21 Aug 2004 Added drag and drop for filters.
5 Aug 2004 Added enable and disable for filters.
3 Aug 2004 Addded toolbar.
28 Jul 2004 Filter list redesigned. Now supports both large icon view and detailed view.
19 Jul 2004 Menu redesigned.
5 Jul 2004 Fixed another filter lockup bug.
5 May 2004 Fixed filter lockup bug. Sometimes filters would stop processing after a few hours.
3 May 2004 Added desktop shortcut option in install.
30 Apr 2004 Fixed overlapping filters window appearing twice when removing a filter.
25 Apr 2004 Fixed program crashing at launch if overlapping filters were set to automatic.
25 Apr 2004 Fixed memory deallocation bug in kernel component.
18 Apr 2004 Minimize to system tray option added.
5 Apr 2004 Prevented help window from being always on top.
21 Mar 2004 Fixed 'Unable to clear rules' error.
18 Mar 2004 Added names for filters.
6 Mar 2004 Increased filter limit to 1000
24 Feb 2004 Integrated queue lists into a single list.
14 Feb 2004 Fixed problem with actual rates not matching user configured rates.
8 Feb 2004 Fixed overlapping filter bug. Wrong filters were being chosen in some cases.
24 Jan 2004 Fixed bug where overlapping rules with a MAC address involved were not being worked out correctly.
20 Jan 2004 Fixed bug where MAC addresses were being changed to 'Any'.
12 Jan 2004 User-entered rates, addresses and ports are now saved between sessions in the drop down list boxes.
20 Dec 2003 MAC (Media Access Control) address support added.
19 Sep 2003 Fixed destination IP address loading as 'Any' for IP filters when an address should be there.
23 Apr 2003 Port ranges are now available.
21 Apr 2003 Filter limit has been increased from 20 to 50.
18 Apr 2003 Blue screen / system crash involving overlapping filters fixed.
18 Apr 2003 Website redesigned.
28 Mar 2003 Optional automatic resizing for list columns.
25 Mar 2003 IP Address ranges.
19 Mar 2003 Updated future enhancements. Some items have been pushed back an extra month.
17 Mar 2003 Implemented support for overlapping filters.
13 Mar 2003 Added Settings Window.
12 Mar 2003 Fixed system bug check (blue screen) error of 'IRQL_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL'.
8 Mar 2003 Fixed system bug check (blue screen) error of 'BAD_POOL_CALLER'.
1 Mar 2003 Fixed filters using IP as the protocol not catching any traffic.
28 Feb 2003 Fixed send filters disobeying the rate. e.g., a send rate of 100,000 would allow 150,000 bytes per second to pass through.
28 Feb 2003 Fixed filters not being saved after a reboot.
26 Feb 2003 Added online discussion board to website.
25 Feb 2003 Filters with non-applicable fields (as mentioned below) display those fields as 'N/A' rather than 'Any'.
25 Feb 2003 Filters with a protocol of 'Any' do not treat address and port fields as valid.
23 Feb 2003 Fixed escape key not closing popup help windows displayed with the F1 key.
22 Feb 2003 Added online help section to website.
22 Feb 2003 Added bandwidth utilization graph to statistics window.
21 Feb 2003 Reorganized web site. Added program specifications section.
21 Feb 2003 Added keyboard shortcuts to filter list. (Insert, delete and spacebar keys).
20 Feb 2003 Labelled rate units on add filter window (bytes per second).
20 Feb 2003 Added future enhancements section to website.
20 Feb 2003 When entering or displaying rates commas are allowed.
20 Feb 2003 Added tutorial.
19 Feb 2003 Beta release of software.