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28 May 2008

The full release of version 1.21 is now available for download. This release contains more than 40 fixes and enhancements added over a 6 month period.

7 May 2008

Version 1.21 beta 6 has been released. It contains a fix for a server lockup when over 1,000 statistics were exceeded, as well as a change in the way the traffic window displays connections for local nework adapters.

19 Apr 2008

A new forum has been added including a knowledgebase section for articles relating to deployment, configuration and troubleshooting for the entire product range.

8 Apr 2008

Version 1.21 beta 5 has been released. It contains a fix for a blue screen fault that occurred on some system just after instalation and added support for 802.1Q protocol (VLAN tagging).

1 Dec 2007

Version 1.21 beta 4 has been released. It contains updated help files, port groups and a fix for the adapter orientation saving fault. This is the last beta before the full release of v1.21 .

25 Nov 2007

The online help has been updated to version 1.21. The new help files will also be contained in the next beta which is due for release within the next week.

20 Oct 2007

Version 1.21 beta 3 has been released. It contains support for subdomain filtering, new statistics and scheduling tabs.

16 Oct 2007

Version 1.21 beta 2 has been released. It contains a fix for installation, new 'Both' direction for rules and traffic monitor filtering.

7 Oct 2007

Version 1.21 beta has been released for the whole product range. It includes new Vista support (32 bit) and a fix for distributed mode (10061 connection error).

5 Oct 2007

Version 1.20 has been released.

26 Sep 2007

The full release of version 1.19 is now available for download.

22 Sep 2007

Version 1.19 beta has been released. It contains fixes for high CPU usage, optimized per-packet handling and adapter orientations not being saved after a reboot. The full release of v1.19 is due in the coming weeks.

2 Apr 2007

Version 1.18 has been released. Fixed a critical fault for DSL adapters for all editions, a 10061 connect error for Standard edition and two other issues.

25 Mar 2007

Version 1.17 Standard and Enterprise editions released. Fixed error for machines with greater than 16 and 256 adapters respectively.

24 Mar 2007

Version 1.17 freeware edition released - Traffic Shaper XP.

22 Mar 2007

Version 1.16 released. Fixed two issues with rule endpoints, increased global packet queue from 500 to 4096, increased maximum number of rules from 25 to 200 for Standard Edition. New documentation is currently being developed for the new features that were implemented since v1.12. The documentation is due for release by the end of Mar 2007.

18 Mar 2007

Version 1.15 released. Fixes a critical issue with MAC address filtering and fixes PPPoE connections not being identified correctly.

10 Mar 2007

Version 1.14 released. Includes Deep Packet Inspection, dynamic scheduling and a new freeware release (Personal Edition).

24 Feb 2007

Version 1.13 released. New centralized address storage and referencing, increased address groups to 200 maximum, increased network adapters to 256, fixed scheduled items expiring before they were due.

16 Feb 2007

Version 1.11 released. Fixed 997 error during installation on Windows 2000 systems.

6 Feb 2007

Version 1.10 released. Fixed rule XML storage fault that affected rule order and port values.