Home and Small Office Solutions

With the rise of broadband and internet sharing, line congestion has become a major issue for network administrators. Connections are often swamped by large downloads, P2P file sharing, games and other network applications. This disrupts normal internet usage for the rest of the organization, resulting in lost time and frustrated users.

To address the issue we have introduced Bandwidth Controller. With over five years of research, testing and development, Bandwidth Controller combines powerful QoS and traffic shaping features without sacrificing ease of use or performance. Using automated traffic distribution and speed limiting, the product allows you to take full advantage of your line speed, enforcing fair and efficient usage across the entire organization.

Bandwidth Controller Standard contains many useful features for home and small office networks. It brings high performance traffic shaping to the desktop in a small, easy to use package. No server or gateway computer is needed as the product is designed for networks with a direct connection to the modem or router.


Give applications a boost using traffic prioritization. This feature delivers maximum throughput for time-sensitive network software including games, VoIP and video.

Speed Limiting

Speed limits allow you to cap the transfer rate for high bandwidth applications such as web downloads, peer-to-peer applications and FTP. Because the product operates at layer 3 in the TCP/IP stack, speed limits are protected from users and cannot be altered or exceeded in any way.

Traffic Monitoring

Internet usage is viewed using the built-in traffic monitor. It displays the amount of bandwidth being used, and the protocol, direction, user, port and traffic statistics.

See the full list of features for more information.