Options - Network Adapter


The Network Adapter Options tabs contain configuration settings for each adapter on the server.

It is important to configure each network adapter before using the product. If network adapters are not set correctly download and upload directions may be reversed, along with local and remote endpoints.

User Interface

Select the network adapter you wish to configure from the list. Then choose the orientation of the adapter:

  • Internet facing - Informs the server that the adapter has access to the internet. The server uses this information to work out upload and download directions for traffic. At least one adapter in the server must be set as internet facing.
  • LAN facing - Informs the server that the adapter has no internet access and acts only as a interface to the local network. This is usually a second network adapter in the server that is attached to a router for the LAN.

Each adapter in the list should be configured correctly before the product is fully deployed.

The Dial-up Connections adapter covers all traffic that is part of a dial-up adapter, including analog modem and PPPoE connections. The orientation for this adapter should always be set to Internet Facing.