Rule Statistics


Various statistics are recorded and displayed that allow you to track the amount of throughput for a rule. This information can be used to ensure a rule is processing the traffic streams as intended and to help make decisions for future rule deployments.


The statistics window displays real-time information for rules including the amount of data transferred, packets transferred, transfer rate, date created and current queue size.

The transfer rate field displays the current usage of the rule and is updated every 500 milliseconds. It shows the amount of traffic that is being dequeued by the rule (as opposed to the amount of data going in).

The Packets queued field shows the total number of packets that are waiting to be dequeued. If this value is too high you may need to increase the maximum queue size for the rule.

Data Transferred and Packets Transferred show the amount of traffic and number of packets that have been dequeued. These fields can be reset by click the Clear Statistics button. This action has no effect on the rule's operation.

User Interface

To view statistics for a rule, click on the Statistics tab in rule properties:

  • Current transfer rate - Displays the rule's throughput.
  • Packets queued - Displays the number of network packets in the rule's queue that are waiting to be processed.
  • Created - The time and date that the rule was created by the administrator.
  • Data transferred - The total amount of traffic that has been processed by the rule.
  • Packets transferred - The total number of network packets that have been processed by the rule.
  • Clear statistics - Clears the Data transferred and Packets transferred counters.