Quick Start Guide


This guide will take you through the basic steps to get the product up and running on your network in a short amount of time.

For a more thorough installation guide see Deployment and Installation.


Prior to installation you should choose which mode you wish to use:

  • Gateway Mode - All bandwidth shaping is carried out on a central server.
  • Distributed Mode - Each computer on the network performs its own traffic shaping.

For gateway mode, choose a computer to use that sits between the internet connection and the local network (i.e. between the modem and the LAN's router). Ensure all routing is configured on the server prior to installation.

Run the setup program and ensure Server Package is selected. If you do not wish to manage the server remotely you can also select Client Package.

For distributed mode, install the Server Package on all computers of the local network. You should only install the Client Package on the computer that you wish to use for administration and remote management.

Post Installation

After setup is complete, run the manager application and enter the details of the computer in the Network Adapter Wizard.

Note: It is important to configure the internet speed and network adapters correctly, otherwise the product may not function.

This should be done for each computer when running in distributed mode.

Creating rules

For distributed mode networks it is not necessary to create any rules. After configuring the internet speed for each client, the computers will begin to work together to keep the bandwidth evenly distributed. You may still wish to create rules for some of the computers on the network. To do so, connect to the computer via the manager application and follow the procedure below.

Click the Traffic tab to see the network connections that are running through the server. Check for any connections that are using a large amount of bandwidth, then right click them and select Create Rule from Connection.

This will bring up the Add Rule Wizard which will guide you through the settings for the rule. Set a maximum rate for the connection by entering a value in the Speed Limit field for the rule:

Additional Configuration

For more detailed information on rules and other features see the following articles: