Name - Rule Processing


Each rule can be given a text label that identifies it to the administrator. The name is not used by the system, its only purpose is to provide an overview of what the rule does.


Names may contain up to 255 characters that describe the rule. There is no restriction on the content of rule names as they are not used by the processing system. This also means there is no need for a name to be unique.

User Interface

There are two ways to set the name for a rule. It can be accessed through the processing tab in the rule properties window:

Alternatively, rules can be renamed by right clicking a rule and choosing the appropriate menu option:


Name Value
Property Name Name
Category Rule Processing
Values Text string between 0 and 255 characters in length.
Default Unnamed rule
XML file rules.xml
XML name <name>
XML values String between 0 and 255 characters in size (inclusive).