Port Groups


Ports can be stored in groups to allow filtering of applications that use a non-consecutive port range. Each port group can contain up to 64 ports.

User Interface

The port group list can be accessed by via the View, Port Groups menu in the manager application:

The Port Group List allows you to modify the port groups with the following options:

  • New - Adds a new port group to the list.
  • Edit - Displays the properties of a port group and allows you change its contents. The changes are reflected in all rules that use the group.
  • Remove - Deletes the group from the list. Note that if one or more rules are using the port group then their endpoints will be reset to 'Any'.

Port Group Properties

The Port Group Properties Window allows you to change the contents of a group. It can be accessed by selecting a port group in the list and clicking the Edit button:

The Port Group Properties Window allows you to set the name of the group and modify the ports that are stored within it:

  • Name - Enter a name that is used to identify the group.
  • Add - Adds a port to the group.
  • Edit - Edits the properties of an existing port in the group.
  • Remove - Removes the selected port from the group. Note that this does not remove the port from the server, it only removes it from inclusion in the group. To fully remove a port you must remove it from the Port List Window.