Options - Client


The Client Options tab contains configuration settings for the manager application.

User Interface

  • Initial window size - Sets the size of the manager window when it is started.
  • Run in system tray after closing - When the manager application is closed it continues running in the background. Double click the icon in the system tray to re-open the manager. Note that bandwidth shaping will still occur even when the manager is fully closed because the service continues to run. The manager application only provides a front-end to the service.
  • Confirm before deleting rules - Displays a confirmation window when rules are deleted via the manager. We recommend leaving this option enabled to prevent accidental removal of rules.
  • Automatically check for product updates - Checks for a new version of the product whenever the manager is started. If a new version is found, an option to download and install the new version is provided.
  • Automatically choose an adapter when importing foreign rules - When moving rules from one computer to another, the two machines will often have a different set of network adapters. This means the network adapter field of the rules needs to be translated when importing to the new computer. This option will automatically provide the translation without the need for user intervention. When this option is disabled you will be prompted to choose an appropriate network adapter for the imported rules.