Internal statistics


The Internal Statistics Window is used to view the internal state of the server and the network adapters. It shows information that may be useful for debugging and troubleshooting purposes.

Under normal conditions the Internal Statistics window does not need to be viewed. If a problem with the product arises, support staff may ask you to open the window and record some of the values that are displayed.

User Interface

The window shows per-adapter information as well as server statistics. It contains the following fields:

  • Network Adapter - Select a network adapter from the list. The queue statistics relate to the selected adapter only (each adapter has its own independent queues).
  • Internal ID - The ID used internally by the server to represent the selected network adapter.
  • Send Queue Usage - The number of packets waiting to be sent from the adapter.
  • Receive Queue Usage - The number of packets waiting to be received by the adapter.
  • Domain Name Cache Usage - The number of domain names that are currently stored on the server. Each connection that flows through the server has its domain name recorded for display purposes. The domain names are stored in a local cache for fast lookups and to prevent strain on the operating systems domain name lookup facility.
  • Subdomain Cache Usage - The number of subdomains that are cached on the server. The subdomain cache is only used for subdomains that are a subset of the domains in rules. It is not used for general connection endpoints.