Bandwidth Controller is a network traffic shaper for Windows 2000, XP and 2003 Server. It allows you to tailor the amount of bandwidth used by machines in your network.

While bandwidth management has long been an issue for internet providers and large corporations, it is now becoming more of a problem for home and small business networks. With new technologies such as broadband internet and peer-to-peer file sharing, network administrators are being forced to deal with a significant rise in network usage and congestion.

A common problem is one or two machines on the network using a large amount of internet bandwidth, leaving little for the rest of the organization to use. Applications that rely on network traffic to function become useless when no data can be sent. Time-senstive applications such as VoIP (Voice over IP) and games are also badly affected by network congestion.

Bandwidth Controller runs on the internet gateway, or any computer that is between the LAN users and the internet connection. This allows you to view and control all network usage within your organization. Bandwidth can be allocated on a per-user or per-protocol basis, allowing you to tailor the product to your own specific network environment.

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