This section deals with some of the issues you may encounter when using the product and provides possible remedies.

Unable to connect to server

There are two issues that may prevent you from connecting to the server via the manager application.

1. The server can be configured to listen for connections on any of the network adapters in the machine. This setting can be found in Options, Server tab. If the manager tries to connect via a network adapter that the server is not listening on, you will not be able to connect.

To fix this problem, try connecting the IP address of a different network adapter (if the server contains more than one). Alternatively, the server may only be listening on localhost. Try connecting to localhost or Note that connecting to localhost is only possible when the manager application is installed on the server machine.

2. The adapter may be set correctly, but the port that the server is listening on may be blocked by the server's firewall. Ensure port 24824 TCP is opened on the firewall of the server computer.

Internet access is blocked

If internet access is unavailable for some users it may be the case that the user limit has been reached. When the user limit is exceed an error message is written to the event log: Warning: User limit of 25 exceeded .... Internet access is blocked for additional users until there is a free user slot available.

If the user limit warning appears when there are less than the maximum number of users online, it may be due to a network adapter configured incorrectly. Check the Options Window, Network Adapter tabs for each adapter in the system to ensure the orientation is set correctly. If the orientation is reversed the product will treat remote internet sites as local users and incorrectly report that the local user limit is exceeded.

Distributed mode faults

Distributed mode requires extra ports to be opened on each computer. If the ports are blocked by a firewall then the computers are unable to communicate with each other and keep the internet traffic evenly distributed. If this occurs then errors may appear in the event log such as Peer broadcast failed ....

Ensure the following ports are opened on each computer that is part of the distributed mode group: 24824 TCP (remote management), 24825 TCP (peer communication) and 24826 UDP (peer discovery).