Limit Speed - Rule Processing


Speed limiting provides a way to set a maximum upload or download rate for network streams. When a connection is limited it is prevented from flowing at a speed greater than the specified rate.

Speed limits will override other processing methods including priority level and scale factor. Even if a stream is tagged with the highest priority level it will not exceed the maximum rate. Likewise, if a there is spare bandwidth available then a speed limited rule will not make use of it while it is flowing at its maximum rate.

Guaranteed speeds on the other hand are not affected by speed limits. If there is a minimum guaranteed speed specified it will override the speed limit for the rule. This only applies to rules where the speed limit is set to a lower value than the guaranteed speed.


To set a maximum speed for a rule, open the properties window and click the Processing tab. In the Limit Speed field, choose a maximum rate from the list. Alternatively you can enter a custom value between zero and 1,000,000,000.

Speeds are specified in bytes per second (B/s) as opposed to bits per second (b/s). To convert b/s to B/s, divide the value by 8. For example 800 b/s would be entered as '100'.

To convert kilobits per second (Kb/s) to B/s, multiply the value by 1,024 and then divide by 8. With this method 10 Kb/s would become 1,280 B/s (10 * 1024 / 8 = 1280). A shortcut is to multiply the value by 128 (10 * 128 = 1280).

Entering a value of '0' as the maximum rate will block all traffic for the rule. This has the effect of creating a firewall style of rule to prevent data flow for the ports and addresses that are specified in the classification properties.

Similarly, entering a value of 'Unlimited' will allow the traffic to flow at full speed through the rule. This is used in situations where you wish to apply other processing methods to the traffic stream such as TCP Ack Prioritization, without limiting speed.

User Interface

The Limit Speed field is accessible through the properties window for the rule, under the processing tab:

For rules that use a direction of Both the upload and download speeds can be entered separately.


Name Value
Property Name Limit Speed
Category Rule Processing
Values Integer ranging from 0 to 1,000,000,000 B/s or 'Unlimited'
Default Unlimited
XML file rules.xml
XML name <maximumRate>
XML values Integer ranging from 0 to 1000000000 (no commas). The maximum value is used to specify unlimited speed (1000000000).