Enabled - Rule Processing


Rules can be enabled or disabled to control their state on the server. When a rule is created it is enabled by default but can be disabled at any time by the administrator. Disabling a rule can be useful to prevent it from being used while leaving open the option of deploying it at a future time.


Enabling a rule allows the server to use it for filtering traffic streams. The rule is used for classification, queuing and processing for any packets that match the criteria.

When a rule is disabled it is completely ignored by the server. Network packets that would normally be classified by the rule are not blocked or discarded. Instead they are processed by other rules that have been configured. If no other matching rules are found for the packet it is sent through the system without any processing.

User Interface

There are two ways to set the enabled property for a rule. It can be accessed through the processing tab in the rule properties window:

Alternatively, rules can be enabled or disabled by right clicking a rule and choosing the appropriate menu option:

This method allows you to set the state of a group of rules. Select each rule in the list that you wish to change by using the [ctrl] and [shift] keys. Then right click any one of the selected rules to display the menu.


Name Value
Property Name Enabled
Category Rule Processing
Values Enabled, Disabled
Default Enabled
XML file rules.xml
XML name <enabled>
XML values true, false