Options - Server


The Server Options tab contains configuration settings for the server.

User Interface

  • Set username - Sets the username for logging into the server via the manager application. The default username is admin.
  • Set password - Sets the password for the server. The default value is admin. We recommend changing the default password to prevent local users from installing the manager application and remotely configuring the server.
  • Retype password - When setting a new password it must be re-entered to ensure it was typed correctly.
  • Allow remote management through any network adapter - Allows the manager application to connect to the server via any of the network adapters on the server machine. Note that this option may present a security risk if the internet adapter is not correctly firewalled, as remote users may be able to connect and attempt to log in. We recommend choosing a specific adapter using the following option.
  • Allow remote management only through - Allows the manager to connect to the server only through the specified network adapter. This is the recommended option. If both the manager and the server are installed on the same computer then localhost can be used.