Guaranteed Speed - Advanced Rule Processing


The guaranteed speed field allows the administrator to allocate a minimum specified transfer rate for a rule. It allows the implementation of Service Level Agreements by guaranteeing a minimum speed for traffic streams.

It works by ensuring that any rule that has data queued, and is performing at lower than its guaranteed speed, is processed before any other traffic within the system. This means it overrides other rules regardless of their priority level, scale factor or current speed.


Guaranteed speed is a powerful feature and should be used sparingly as it overrides all other traffic within the system. When a rule is configured with a guaranteed speed it is serviced before all other queued traffic until the guaranteed speed is reached.

The guaranteed bandwidth is allocated dynamically so that when a rule with this feature is not in use, the bandwidth is returned to the system for other traffic. In practice the only time guaranteed speed takes effect is when the system is congested. During congestion the non-guaranteed traffic waits until the guaranteed rules reach their target.

To set a guaranteed speed for a rule, open the properties window and click the Advanced Processing tab. In the Guaranteed Speed field, choose a rate from the list. Alternatively you can enter a custom value between zero and 1,000,000,000 .

To disable this feature for a rule, enter 0 as the speed. Values are specified in bytes per second (B/s) as opposed to bits per second (b/s).

User Interface

Guaranteed speed is configured in the advanced processing tab for a rule. Select the appropriate value from the list or enter a custom rate between zero and 1,000,000,000 . Most rules can be left at the default value of 0 (off).


Name Value
Property Name Guaranteed speed
Category Advanced Rule Processing
Values 0 (off) to 1,000,000,000
Default 0
XML file rules.xml
XML name <minimumRate>
XML values Integer between 0 (off) to 1,000,000,000 inclusive.