Deployment and Installation


Bandwidth Controller is a Layer 3 traffic shaper which means it is able to control all traffic that runs through the computer that it is installed on. For most networks, deployment is as simple as installing the product on the internet gateway or server and then configuring the software using the remote management interface.

The product supports two types of network environments: Gateway Mode a Server-Free Mode. Gateway Mode is used on larger networks that have a central internet gateway or server computer that sits between the LAN and the internet connection. Server-Free Mode is for smaller networks that have a direct connection to a hardware router or modem, with no server computer being used.

Gateway Mode

Deployment for Gateway Mode involves installing the product on the main internet gateway computer. This allows the product to capture and process all incoming and outgoing internet traffic. This is the recommended mode of operation for the product because it allows centralised configuration and management of all network streams being used by the LAN.

Server-Free Mode

Server-Free deployment requires installation of the product on each client computer on the network. Only the service needs to be installed as the manager is used only for remote administration and monitoring.

After installing the service on each client computer, the product will automatically create a peer mesh by connecting each client service to one and other. This allows it to automatically distribute bandwidth evenly between each client.

Rules can also be created in peering mode but they apply only to the local computer that the rule is created on. Line speed can be configured at any client (in options) and the resulting configuration will be broadcast to all clients. This saves having to configure each client separately if these global options need updating.

Note that Server-Free mode is available only in Standard Edition.

Ports and Firewalls

The product requires the network administrator to open the following ports on the server:

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