Connection Window


The connection window allows you to view the details of a connection. It displays the endpoints, protocol, direction, statistics and a graph of recent usage.

Connection Window

Local Point

Shows the details of the local user. Domain name and IP address are not applicable to all protocols.

Remote Point

Shows the remote server and port / application number.


The protocol being used for this connection.


The direction of traffic. Upload is data sent to the internet, download is data received.


Displays the number of bytes transferred by the connection since it was monitored.

Transfer Rate

The current bandwidth usage of the connection, in bytes per second (B/s).

Average Rate

Caculated by taking the average of all bandwidth usage over the graphed period.

Monitored Since

The time that the monitoring for the connection started. Connections are no longer monitored when they have been idle for more than 60 seconds. Any traffic after that is treated as a new connection.

Utilization Graph

Graphs the recent bandwidth usage for this connection. The horizontal X axis is the last 30 seconds of usage and the Y axis is the maximum allowed internet speed.

Create Matching Rule

Creates a new rule and fills in the traffic type with information gathered from the connection. This includes the connection's protocol, endpoints and direction. The rule can be edited before it is finally created.

Clear History

Clears the graph and statistics counters for the connection. Also resets the Monitored Since time to the current time.

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