Address Group List


Address groups allow you to store groups of addresses under a single name. This can be useful when rule applies to a group of unrelated computers, or when a computer name is used for many rules that is subject to change (only the address group needs to be changed and all rules that use it are updated).

To create an address group, click the View menu on the main manager window and select Address Groups .... Your list of currently installed address groups will be displayed, allowing you to edit and remove existing entries, or create a new one.

Address Group Window

Address Group List

Lists all address groups for the server. A server can store up to 100 of them.

New ...

Creates a new address group.

Edit ...

Edits the selected address group.

Remove ...

Deletes the selected address group from the server. The group must not be in use by any filters, otherwise the it is not removed.

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