Features and Specifications

Bandwidth Controller provides many features for traffic shaping and bandwidth management. The table below lists the features that are found in each edition.


Feature Traffic Shaper XP Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Description
Server-Free Mode Allows automated bandwidth distribution for networks that connect directly to a hardware modem or router, without the need a server or gateway computer.
Speed Limits Sets a maximum transfer rate for users and protocols that are traffic-intensive.
Layer 3 Kernel Processing All network transactions are processed at Layer 3 in the IP stack resulting in the highest possible traffic shaping performance for larger networks.
Traffic Monitor View traffic statistics for internet streams in real time including protocol, speed, transfer totals and graphs for all active connections.
Prioritization Boosts real-time protocols such as VoIP, games and video for extra performance. Priority can also be given to workstations or other applications.
Remote Management Provides access to centralized shaping rules, traffic monitoring and configuration from any client computer.
Protocol Classification Different flow types are processed separately, allowing user-defined Quality of Service and traffic shaping.
Address Groups Allows policies to be set for entire groups of users which can be identified by IP address, MAC address (for DHCP networks) or domain name.
Guaranteed Reservation Service Level Agreements can be quickly implemented using guaranteed minimum speeds for specified users and protocols.
Percentage Allocation Splits bandwidth at a pre-defined ratio between groups of users. For example, one group can be allocated 25% of available bandwidth, and another can be given 75%. The available bandwidth is calculated dynamically and varies according to the internet load.
Deep Packet Inspection Classifies traffic based on Layer 7 stream content, rather than the Layer 3 protocol and ports used. This allows shaping by application such as FTP, HTTP, Video streaming and other high level protocols.
Dynamic / Batch Rules Automatically detects active users and evenly distributes traffic between them. This feature is useful for web servers, for instance, where the IP addresses of the remote machines are not known in advance, allowing traffic shaping with a single rule for a group of users.


This table lists the specifications for the traffic shaping engine.

Specification Traffic Shaper XP Standard Edition Enterprise Edition
Users (concurrent) 1 100 2,000
Throughput 3,687 kb/s 24 Mb/s 2,488 Mb/s
Rules 5 200 2,000
Layer 3 Protocols TCP IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPSec AH, IPSec ESP
Layer 7 Protocols - - HTTP, FTP, IMAP, Gnutella, MSN Messenger, Streaming Video, Shockwave Flash, HTTP download, MP3
Distributed peers - 5 -
Addresses 10 50 1,000
Address groups - 25 200
Network adapters 3 16 256