Keyboard King

Speed up your keyboard

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Keyboard King is a utility for increasing the keyboard repeat rate. 

Some text editing operations like word processing, desktop publishing, programming and HTML editing involve heavy use of the arrow keys.  Quick, precise cursor control is helpful for cut and paste operations and document navigation.

But the ability to move the cursor around quickly is hampered by the delays between key repeats.  For example, to move the cursor across an 80 character screen takes around 4 seconds on the fastest settings in Windows.

There are two controls available in Windows for keyboard speed.  The first is initial delay; the time before a key starts repeating.  The second control is repeat rate; the number of key repeats per second.

Keyboard King gives you greater command over these values, allowing you to go as high as 200 keys per second.  On the fastest setting, moving the cursor across an 80 character screen takes less than a second.  See the list of features for more information.


Keyboard King speed controls.

As shown in the above image, keys can be set individually or in groups.  This means that even if you dont need any extra speed, you can use the program to tailor each key to your needs.  For instance, you might want to leave the arrow keys on their normal speed and slow all other keys down to avoid accidental key repeats.


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